There are several AAC apps for iPad/iphone/ipod touch
Some are free and the most expensive costs $299 for the
LAMP Words For Life

One I personally like very much is iSpeak. It is great software, and for $1.99 it is truly amazing.
Much has been said about Proloquo2go.The ease of use for this software makes it worth the price. The entire manual, with both covers and all the extras is 41 pages. The cut and paste feature makes setting up a new folder very easy and fast. Use your own pictures, or ones you get off free image sites. If I had the chance to change Proloquo2go there would be very few modifications that I’d make. The files and folders are completely customizable.
Here’s a short list: please note the prices change from time to time, both up and down.
  • TalkTablet - $79 This is my favorite AAC app.
  • VoiceDream - $10 This app reads aloud many formats: RTF, Word, Pages, PDF, Powerpoint, Epub and more, Text size ,highlight color, choices, speed of the voice, the voice itself, are all changeable
  • Proloquo2go -$189 (check to see if your insurance will pay for this software) This is very sophisticated software which rivals stand alone AAC devices costing many thousands of dollars. The new version 1.5 added word prediction to the typing area, and the ability to rearrange the buttons in any order to make more sense to the user. Many thanks to the developers who have made steady improvements to this fine app.
  • Pictello is a new visual story app for the very reasonable price of $14.99 Easy to use and comes with nice tutorial stories.
  • look2learn-$24.99
  • verbally- free I’m very impressed with this app which is meant for people who can read but don’t speak. iPad only; clean and easy to understand. There are no user controllable settings for this app.
  • mytalktools- $49 for full program or free mytalkmobile lite app. $75/year for web authoring subscription. This software is fairly easy to use. If you buy the stand alone iphone/ipad app you can program from the device and not use the web authoring software.
  • Assistive Chat -$25 for use by those who can read.
  • Onevoice is a very clean, easy to understand AAC app. No clutter, easy to edit. $199 (there is now a free trial version which can’t be edited)
  • Comapp- an app with interesting features. Too busy for my taste, but the staff of the Autism Society of Middle TN liked it. Free version, Comapp2 full version $40
  • taptotalk $99 per child per year for the web authoring access. This software can be used on iphone, Android phones, and Nintendo DS (all versions). Review posting soon. I’ve tried it on a Nintendo DS lite and I’m amazed. The sound is loud enough for a noisy environment and the battery life is long; with a new battery it should be up to 13 hours. So far I’m still struggling with the web interface, but it seems to be worth the trouble to have a Nintendo DS as an AAC device. Tomorrow I’ll get to try this on a DSiXL and will be able to tell if the graphic images and response are better. I finally got the audio to be as loud as the demo files, which took some experimentation with various mics and settings.. Many parents complain that the AAC software isn’t as loud as a Dynavox, and may not be heard in a noisy room, but this DS is LOUD! Check the AAC alternative page to see a video of the Nintendo as AAC.
Please let me know if you’ve found a good AAC app.