Inexpensive Speech Software

Much great software has been developed for the iPad and for Android, so many apps are available that it is difficult to know where to start in your search for something to help your family member or friend. I’ll give you a starting point. Since I've tried dozens of speech apps, you don't have to.

TalkTablet is my favorite AAC (speech) app. It is available for IOS (Apple devices), Android, Windows and Kindle; including both tablets and phones. I don’t have stock in this company, but I wish I did.

TalkTablet is a great app, because it is so flexible and
easy to use for both the person who uses it and the person who customizes it for the user. There is a live person (in the US) you can call for tech support. The price is very reasonable at $80. This means you can buy a Kindle Fire for $50, use the TalkTablet app and have a full featured speech device for $130. You can still use the tablet, whatever kind you get, for all the other features it has. Be sure and get a heavy duty case. Sometimes people throw things, or just nock them off the table by accident. A case from Griffin or Otterbox will save you from having your blood pressure go up as you see the tablet on the way to the floor.

If the person is literate, there are apps that are even less expensive than TalkTablet.
for IOS I really like Assistive Express. It has a predictive typing keyboard, speaks aloud what has been typed, and can save phrases to a favorites list to recall quickly. Price $25, there is a lite version coming.

Another great speech app for IOS is SpeakIt. Save whatever you type for quick use. and it only costs $2

For people who have trouble spelling, try
Spell Better (link goes to their website for information ) The author calls this app literacy support for dyslexia.

For Android, there is a free app which I've used with literate people. The name is Speech Assistant AAC. The free version may be all you need. Save phrases in any of 12 lists with 40 phrases in each list. You can write new messages which are not in the lists.