Inexpensive Speech Generating Software

Augmentative and Alternative Communication known as AAC is a way to generate spoken words and phrases for people who are nonverbal.
So much great software has been developed for the iPad and for Android ranging in price from free to hundreds of dollars, that it is difficult to know where to start in your search for something to help your family member or friend or yourself. I’ll give you a starting point.
TalkTablet is my favorite AAC (speech) app. It is available for IOS (Apple devices), Android, Windows and Kindle; including both tablets and phones. I don’t have stock in this company, but I wish I did. After trying many speech-to-text apps, I can tell you that this is the very best. Can be used with a non-reader to help learn to read by having both pictures and text, then gradually remove the pictures.
TalkTablet is a great app, because it is so flexible and
easy to use for both the person who uses it and the person who customizes it for the user. There is a live person (in the US) you can call for tech support. The price is very reasonable at $80. This means you can buy a Kindle Fire for $50, use the TalkTablet app and have a full featured speech device for $130, and you can still use the tablet, whatever kind you get, for all the other features it has.

Another of my all-time-favorite apps is Assistive Express. This is for a literate or somewhat literate person. Available for IOS and Android in English, German or Spanish at a cost of $25. You type in or choose from suggestions and press the button or return key to have the phrase spoken. You can save phrases and use them over to speed things.

Why might you need this?
If you had a stroke, have autism or a degenerative condition which affects your ability to speak clearly, you might need AAC (speech generating software.