About Me

This is my first attempt at a personal website. I’ve written some sites for churches and my brother’s businesses, among others, but never anything about myself. I didn’t think I had anything worth saying in public. Now, I have a few things I’d like to share, which might save money and make technology available to more people.

I was born in
Bluefield, West Virginia, and lived there with my family until I went to college at The Eastman School of Music, where I earned a Bachelor of Music degree in trumpet and harp. I’ve held teaching certificates in three states, and taught in three colleges.

My brother and I are 11th generation English on our father’s side and 1st generation Italian on our mother’s side. My mother was born in Italy to a family of musicians, and came to the US at age nine; Salvi (father’s line) and Paoliello (mother’s line) were her family names. Here’s a link to some
Salvi history. My father’s people came to the America in 1641, on a land grant from King Charles. The first Perkins in America was Nicholas Perkins of Virginia. My parents met because my mother’s uncle was my father’s violin teacher. They met when my mother went to visit her uncle in the wilds of southern West Virginia.

For most of my adult life I was a professional musician, which, more or less, ended some years ago, due to health issues. I keep my sanity by singing in The
Christ Church Cathedral Choir. Christ Church is the Episcopal Cathedral for the Diocese of Tennessee. This fine choir is directed by Dr. Michael Velting, who is one of the best organists I have ever known. We sing every Sunday at the late, 11:00am service, as well as a number of extra services through out the year. I feel fortunate to have this as my last remaining musical outlet.

I am a life long church musician. All this began when I was 14. I played the trumpet in several local churches. I was a member of a trumpet quartet, four trumpet players and a pianist, who also played lots of “church gigs”. We traveled to the jobs in a little red Hillman, and when we came upon a red light, the doors would fly open and we would all run around the car and get back in; what fun. I’m still in contact with those musicians. One runs a
newspaper and a political blog, one is music professor and played for 20+ years in the Kennedy Center Orchestra, one now makes custom fishing rods, and the pianist married the music professor, and still plays the piano.

In addition, I’ve played in symphony orchestras and a touring opera company. I’ve been a musical instrument maker, a teacher from grades five through college, and an Episcopal Choirmaster. I have three grown children, two cats and a tortoise. My one remaining uncle,
Victor Salvi, the harp maker, lives in France, and my only living sibling is in Colorado. All this talk of musical endeavors will come as a revelation to those who now know me only as a computer geek.

I’ve caught up with a few high school friends via classmates.com, and am in touch with some college friends, though not many. I don’t do Facebook or any of the social networks because I don’t have time. When I’m not reading, which I do a lot, or cleaning the house, which i don’t do enough, there is always some press on my time which doesn’t include writing down the minutia of my day to day existence.