Some great apps and add-ons for reading documents

and websites: Capti Narrator, is an app for Mac and Windows computer and iphone/ ipad, which lets you collect a list of articles or documents and have them read aloud. It is quite easy to use and, cost is $2.99 per month. The iphone/ipad app is completely accessible, but the Mac app was at the time I reviewed it not easy to use with VoiceOver, and you must use Firefox. A short video to explain how Capti works. I found a free Android app which seems to have many of the same features, called Voice Aloud Reader, and there is a paid version with very good reviews for $9.95 . read more at this link
VoiceDream Reader. I’ve used this app since it came out several years ago, and it has gotten better and better. I can scan a document, or use a PDF or other document, open it in VoiceDream Reader and have lots of flexibility over reading speed, choice of voice, text size, font, etc. You can skip through the document visually or with a screen reader, by sentence, line or paragraph. There is a similar Android app called Legere Reader, but the reviews are not great.

Easier reading for computer users

The new versions of Microsoft Edge browser and Firefox browser now have the ability which Safari has, called Reader. This is an uncluttered window with just the text of an article. It can be entered with a hot key and makes reading an article very easy for a person who is using a screen reader. It is great for the visual reader, too, because you can set the text size and color to whatever makes it easier on your eyes. I set up a hot key on my Mac to enter the Reader window and start reading aloud the text of the article. Sure wish I had this ability when I was in college. Chrome browser has this feature only with a free add-on extension. There are many customizable features like text size, color, font, etc, but you have to download and install the extension.

My former students who are blind tell me that the Edge browser is not screenreader friendly, and that Chrome is a much better option.