Some great apps and add-ons

for on-the-go reading Capti, also known as Capti Narrator, is an app for Mac and Windows computer and iphone/ ipad, which lets you collect a list of articles and have them read aloud. It is quite easy to use and, it’s free. The iphone/ipad app is completely accessible, but the Mac app is not easy to use with VoiceOver, and you must use Firefox. I’m going to try it on Windows and report the results. The website says coming soon for Chrome and Android. A short video to explain how Capti works.
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Easier reading for computer users

The new versions of Microsoft Edge browser and Firefox browser now have the ability which Safari has, called Reader. This is an uncluttered window with just the text of an article. It can be entered with a hot key and makes reading an article very easy for a person who is using a screen reader. It is great for the visual reader, too, because you can set the text size and color to whatever makes it easier on your eyes. I set up a hot key on my Mac to enter the Reader window and start reading aloud the text of the article. Sure wish I had this ability when I was in college.

Android devices can read, too with the proper software. Check out Voice Aloud Reader. Using this app isn't as seamless as using an Apple device, but it does work. There is both a free and paid version.
I found another text reader for Android, which might be useful: Note Text Player, which has a free version.

IOS devices (iPhone, ipad, etc) can read all the text on the screen. Go to settings > general > accessibility > speech, and there, adjust the settings you want. Because this is part of the operating system, it works much better than add-on programs for Android.