I’ve come across a few free and nearly free Android AAC apps and some nice, more full featured apps.
  1. LetMe Talk: Free AAC Talker- not on a par with iPad apps, but it’s free and it’s very usable.
  2. You Talk AAC- free app which has nine buttons per page and five pages. Each button is only a picture (no words), but it speaks whatever you want to say.
  3. Quick Type AAC for $1.99- very nice app, for people who are literate. Much like Assistive Chat for iPad; predictive word processor which speaks the text.
  4. TalkTablet ported over from iPad, not quite as nice on Android, but still the best that I know of for Android. $79
  5. Voice4u-nice, very easy to use AAC app, but expensive at $60. I’d buy TalkTablet because of its ease of use.
  6. TTS-book reader for Android. Reads many formats and well designed for blind or print disabled.
  7. Moon Reader reads EPUB, PDF, HTML,TXT and many other formats. Moon Reader is free.
  8. Kota Daisy Book reader has good reviews and is free