I use the Mac speech function called text to speech (TTS) which reads, in a very humanistic voice, whatever text I select. I have vision, but I don’t read well, and the TTS is a tremendous benefit to me. It allows me to read things which would be difficult and very time consuming. I try to get people to send me electronic documents, not paper, because Alex, the voice of my computer, can read the documents to me. Alex is a system voice for Macintosh, but I’ve found some unbelievably humanistic voices from
ConvenienceWare AT&T Natural Voices and CereProc, but the best of the best so far is AT&T Mike.
I set a “hot key” in the keyboard settings, whenever I press this key combo, any selected text is read aloud.

If you are a Windows user you might be able to find the great app called Ivona minireader. You will have to hunt around the web for a download link, but it will be worth it. This app reads aloud anything you select. You can use it in your mail, on a web page or in a document. It works on Windows 10 even though it might say Windows 7. A more full-featured app is
TextAloud. I’ve only used version 2 and the new version 3 is available. I hope they have made version 3 a bit less complex to use.