Most cell phone users never consider how a person who is blind can use a smart phone. Is it possible to use a phone that has a flat glass screen and no physical keyboard. The truth is that one can use the iPhone for almost all computer uses. Browsing the web, email, word processing, writing websites and so much more. Another truth is that the iPhone is easier to use than a computer for the aforementioned tasks. I'm including a link to a great resource for learning to use the iOS devices without sight. Voiceover-easy is a well written, witty guide to using iOS without sight. If you don't have an iPhone and don't want to spend $650, you an go to and get phones for lots less. If you can get an iPhone 4S or newer from a friend or relative that would be even better.

Instructions for using the camera app in iOS 9 with voiceover.

Take a picture by two finger double tap, or you can press either of the volume buttons. If you are in the video mode this same action starts and stops the video.
When in the photo or square mode. At the top left is the flash button. Single finger triple tap to cycle through flash off, flash on, and auto. Next to the right is HDR on, off, and auto, same single finger triple tap cycles through these choices.

The third button on the top is the timer. Single finger triple tap to cycle through 10 seconds, 3 seconds, or timer off. The top right is the camera chooser. Single finger double tap to choose front, for selfies, or back camera.
When in the video or slo-mo, mode, on the top left is the flash button, next to the right is a timer which shows the length of the video, third on the top right is the camera chooser.

Beyond the camera chooser, is the view finder. Most of the screen is the view finder. Flick right to the “camera mode”, flick up and down to move from, time lapse, slo-mo, video, photo, square, pano.

Flick right, again, to photo and video viewer, right again to take picture button, or if you are in the video mode the button will say, record video button. When the video starts there is a soft chime, and when video stops there are two chime tones.