How to get cell phone service for free

Say what? Yes, you can really get free cell phone service. If you are on SSI, Foodstamps and certain other government services you are eligible for a free cell phone with 350 minutes per month and unlimited texts but no data. You have to sign up at

This sounds great, and for many people it will be, but if you are blind or have low vision you will be out of luck because the phones are not accessible. There are other services you can use. First you want to sweet talk one of your friends out of an older iPhone 4s or higher. Then you can sign up for service if you have a Sprint phone, or RedPocket service. no matter what service the phone was on originally. You will need a little bit of data to use dial by voice service, or write texts by voice.

Here are the catches. With Ringplus you can get 125 minutes, 40 texts and 10megabytes of data for free, the caveat is that you have to listen to a short radio song or message instead of hearing the phone ring, then your call is connected as usual. There are nine different plans under $30 with varying amounts of minutes and data. One is unlimited talk and text plus 500 megabytes of data. I tried this plan for three months and it works just fine; I don’t even mind the message instead of the phone ringer. Ringplus only works with Sprint phones.

Redpocket mobile is a bit more expensive. The low-end price point is $30 for unlimited talk, text and 500 megabytes of data. The price includes all taxes and fees. I have friends who use Redpocket and really like it, and they don’t have to listen to any message while the call is being connected. This service sells iPhones starting at $80 for the 4S, and various other Android phones.

Puretalk USA is a service I choose for my daughter. It uses ATT phones and they have plans from $5. The unlimited talk and text is $24/mo including tax, and you can add 500 megabytes of data for another $5.

Cricket Wireless is another service I have used. It is owned by ATT and has service fem $35/mo if you sigh up for auto-pay. They have lots of new smart phones starting at $30. Remember, if you are blind the iPhone is the right phone for you. All others will be nothing but a huge frustration.

There are lots of other services, but I only outlined the ones I have personally tried.