I’ve come across a few free and nearly free Android AAC apps and some nice, more full featured apps.
  1. LetMe Talk: Free AAC Talker- not on a par with iPad apps, but it’s free and it’s very usable.
  2. You Talk AAC- free app which has nine buttons per page and five pages. Each button is only a picture (no words), but it speaks whatever you want to say.
  3. Quick Type AAC for $1.99- very nice app, for people who are literate. Much like Assistive Chat for iPad; predictive word processor which speaks the text.
  4. TalkTablet ported over from iPad, not quite as nice on Android, but still the best that I know of for Android. $79
  5. Voice4u-nice, very easy to use AAC app, but expensive at $60. I’d buy TalkTablet because of its ease of use.
  6. DAISY book reader for Android- Darwin, price $15
  7. EPUB, PDF, HTML, Word reader- Moon Reader there is a free version, but it doesn’t have Text to Speech, the full version price is $5
  8. Android file browser and Un-Zip program- AndroZip free and very useful.