m.gmail.com is very accessible while using a screen reader. There are very few links, and attachments open inside the mail or they can be downloaded. There are a few places for improvement in the labeling, but it is the best webmail I’ve come across thus far; as of April 2012.

A new alternative to the standard wheelchair. This
Robotic Mobilization Device helps people stand, move or sit as they need.

man in wheel chair transfering to new Robotic Mobilization Device

Using technology devices can be life changing for many people, so why are the devices so expensive? The point of this site is to show how off the shelf devices can be used to help people with special needs to communicate, learn, and be more fully integrated in the community.
New wheelchair design
new three wheel chair with levers to propell it Read about it by clicking on the picture. When one is bought, another is given away in a developing country.

picture of braille on a burger bun using sesame seeds This photo is from a Wimpy’s ad campaign. On the link page there is a nice video which will make you smile.