A few months ago I moved from an android phone to the iPhone and am very happy. Don’t mind the smaller than average screen and LOVE the accessibility. My son and brother both have LG2G phones which are very nice with large screens and very good battery life, but lacking in accessibility features. The newest KitKat operating system has just been made available for the G2 and other high end phones and I will provide a link to information as soon as I find a good article. One thing I did read is that there is global close caption.

Android has the
eyes-free project and the operating system has a built in screenreader but, it pales in comparison to Voiceover on the iPhone. On my android I had to download an extra app called a shell to get the eye-free features to work. Then, I found that running the shell used up 50% of the already meager battery life, bringing the time from 20 hours to 10 hours. This is not an acceptable answer.
On earlier android versions, non-visual use is very difficult. Please read the article to help you make an informed decision.
Choosing a phone